Knob Creek Rye – 1.75L


Knob Creek® Straight Rye Whiskey is made with a blend of the finest quality rye to create an extraordinarily smooth yet spicy finish. Knob Creek® Rye is still patiently aged in the deepest charred barrels and bottled at a full 100 proof to maintain Knob Creek® Bourbon’s approach to big flavor. Made with the highest quality rye for a unique spicy and smooth flavor, this rye tugs at your senses with expansive notes of herbs and rye with nuanced oak aroma, bold spicy rye flavors with undertones of vanilla and oak, finishing warm and smooth with spice throughout. Start with a classic Old Fashioned or Manhattan and then try it with a range of drinks, or just sip it neat or with ice. Knob Creek® Rye is part of The Small Batch Bourbon Collection®. Explore the entire Knob Creek® Family for yourself and discover what whiskey was meant to be.
Kentucky Straight Rye
Patiently aged in deepest charred barrels
Bottled at 100 proof for big, full flavor
Made with the highest quality rye to give a unique spicy, smooth flavor
Perfect for classic cocktails like an Old Fashioned or Manhattan
Bold rye spiciness with undertones of oak and vanilla
Hand-crafted in limited quantity for superior taste and smoothness
Super taste and smoothness

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